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While most ants are covered under our General Pest Control Services, there are two species that are not:

The Carpenter Ant:

Carpenter Ant

These ants bore into moist, decaying wood forming galleries in which they nest.  Although they are considered a wood destroying insect, they do not eat the wood, but feed on other insects, pollen, sap and seeds.  Carpenter ants and their close relatives make up one of the largest species of ant in the world.  When a nearby colony grows too large, some ants will migrate, often invading nearby homes.  They will bore into structural timbers, ceilings, floor or sub-floor areas and can colonize in hollow spaces such as wall voids and hollow doors.  If allow to spread unchecked, these ants can cause considerable damage.  Carpenter ants are among the largest ants, growing up to 1/2″.  They can be black or reddish brown and be both winged and wingless.  While they can offer a painful bite, they do not have the venom of a fire ant.

Treatment for Carpenter Ants: 

Treatment for Carpenter Ants consists of a power spray of the exterior of the home.  Prices start at $350.00 and come with a One Year Warranty.

Raspberry Crazy Ants: 

Unlike their name, these guys are certainly not sweet.  Like their more docile cousins, these Crazy Ants, move in seeming random directions, climbing over each other and giving the impression of chaos.  While they do bite, they do not have the sting of a fire ant. The issue for this species lies in the sheer number of a colony’s members.  Larger colonies can contain millions of ants.  They invade yards, homes and electrical appliances such as Air Conditioner Compressors and Circuit Breakers, often shorting them out.

Treatment for Raspberry Crazy Ants: 

Raspberry Crazy Ants

While treatment for these ants can significantly knock down the activity levels, we can not totally eliminate them in your yard.  Our treatment focuses on a spray and granulation of the yard and spray of the interior of your home.  Treatments start at $495.00.  We typically recommend a 30 day and 60 day follow up service (starting at $150.00 each) to control activity.