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Although generally identified with a filthy environment, roaches will infest even the most sanitary areas.  Most are nocturnal and only appear during the daylight when disturbed or where heavy infestation is present.  There are 6 species of Roach common to the Greater Houston Area. Four of them considered larger “Tree” roach (American, Smokey Brown, Oriental and Brown banded) are covered under our General Pest Control Services.

There are two species that require a more specific treatments to control

German Cockroaches:

The German Cockroach can be found in any home at anytime. They do not live in the environment, but are always brought into the home in something. Items from storage, warehouses, garage sales, are favorites, but they are non discriminating hitchhikers on just about anything you can imagine. Because of the indoor habitat of the German Roach, they are not strong fliers. The reproductive rate of these pests is very high and an infestation can reach thousands if not controlled.

German Cockroach Treatment: 

Unlike outdoors roaches, which need to be brought to manageable levels.  All German Roaches in an infestation must be eliminated to ensure the issue is resolved.  Our Treatment involves three services:  An Initial Clean Out baiting of the entire home (starting at $395.00).  To maintain the warranty we require a 30 and 60 day follow up treatment (Staring at $175.00 ea.).  These services include targeted re-baiting based on activity levels.  To ensure total elimination, a 6 month warranty comes with the completion of all three services.

Asian Cockroaches:

Asian Roaches look almost identical to the German species discussed above.  The only significant difference in the two is the wing length of the roach.  These roaches live outdoors and typically are found in moist gardens and mulch.  Like their larger cousins, they come into a home looking for warmth, cool, water or shelter.  Because of the outdoor habitat, these roaches fly thus the longer wings.

Treatment for Asian Roaches: 

Treatment for Asian Roaches consists of a spray of the affected grounds.  An inside treatment may also be recommended depending on infestation location and activity levels. The cost for these services starts at $395.00 and come with a 6 month warranty.