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There are more than 1500 known species of fleas and are found all over the world.  Female fleas will lay eggs only after a meal.  Because of their ability to survive for many months without food, they can remain in areas for long periods of time.  Often, eggs laid on a host animal will fall off and can hatch in homes, on sofas and in beds.  Anywhere an infected pet has been.

Treatment for Fleas: 

While  A American Pest Control offers treatment for fleas, the first line of defense is to always ensure all pets are treated by your vet.  Even with our services, an untreated pet will mean a re-infestation and void any warranty offered for our treatment.  Because fleas need a host animal for survival, If all pets are properly treated, the risk of a large infestation is low. A flea service consists of a total treatment of the home and yard and can start at 295.00 and come with a 90 day warranty.  If your home has no pets, but flea activity is found, rodent activity could be the source and a free rodent inspection would be recommended.


Unlike fleas, which jump from one location to the other, ticks will climb into higher areas and drop onto unsuspecting hosts.  There are several different species of ticks and are not insects but more closely related to mites, spiders and scorpions in the arachnid family.  Many of the species that are issues for pets mate on host animals then the female will drop to the ground and lay anywhere from 3000-6000 eggs which once hatched into larva will climb nearby vegetation waiting for a host to drop onto.  They use the blood of hosts to grow and morph into the nymph and adult phases of life and the reproductive process begins over again.

Treatment for Ticks:

Like fleas, control of ticks can be achieved by treatment of pets.  A American Pest Control offers a tick service which would involve a treatment of the house and yard.  Treatments start at $250.00 and typically require a 30 day follow up treatment which starts at $75.00.  Once both services are complete, a 90 day warranty is offered for this service.